Shopify speed optimization – gym genetix

Project Description

It’s a shopify store that sells gym and loungewear and needed shopify speed optimization to improve the page load speed of their store. I have done the following shopify speed optimization on the store:

✅ Minify HTML, CSS & Javascript files

✅ Defer asynchronous Javascript & CSS delivery

✅ In-depth analysis of apps and their effect on page-load speed

✅ Removal of legacy code from previously uninstalled apps

✅ Compression of page code

✅ Image optimization (without losing quality)

✅ Configure lazy loading of images and video

✅ Dynamic image scaling

✅ Reduce the number of HTTP requests

✅ Configure lazy loading of external scripts.

After the Shopify speed optimization was done, the mobile page speed score increased from 40 to 65 (optimizing more will result in functionality loss) and the desktop page speed score increased from 65 to 97.

Project Overview

Shopify speed optimization for gym genetix

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How We Optimized the Page Speed?