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Project Description

It’s a shopify store that sells customized jewelry and needed shopify speed optimization to improve the page load speed of their store.

we’ve done the following to improve the page speed score.

✅ Minify HTML, CSS & Javascript files

✅ Defer asynchronous Javascript & CSS delivery

✅ In-depth analysis of apps and their effect on page-load speed

✅ Removal of legacy code from previously uninstalled apps

✅ Compression of page code

✅ Image optimization (without losing quality)

✅ Configure lazy loading of images and video

✅ Dynamic image scaling

✅ Reduce the number of HTTP requests

✅ Configure lazy loading of external scripts.

After the Shopify speed optimization was done, the mobile page speed score increased from 30 to 95+ and the desktop page speed score increased from 65 to 99.

Project Overview

Shopify speed optimization for bluntcases

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How We Optimized the Page Speed?