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Disclosure Statement

We take pride in maintaining a platform that provides an immersive user experience, free from the distractions of excessive banners, pop-ups, or any other intrusive forms of direct advertising.

Our ability to deliver this unique experience stems from the fact that our site is sustained through affiliate links, rather than traditional advertising models.

In essence, what this means is that when you opt to use an e-commerce platform or any tool that we endorse on our site, your choice aids in supporting our work, without any additional cost to you.

Affiliate partnerships operate under a simple premise. When you purchase a product or service from a site you were redirected to from, we receive a small commission from our affiliate partner. This commission serves as an expression of gratitude from our affiliate partners for referring a customer to them.

We wish to clarify that the commission is paid by our affiliate partners, and not by you. Consequently, the cost of your purchase remains unaffected.

Our Utilization of Affiliate Partnerships

The presence of these affiliate partnerships empowers us to provide our content at no charge, eliminating the necessity to resort to selling products, posting commonplace online advertisements, seeking sponsorships with their independent agendas, or worst of all, charging our readers for accessing our content.

Our Affiliate Selection Process

Our method for choosing who to affiliate with is transparent and quite simple. We opt to affiliate solely with companies whose solutions we utilize ourselves.

Over the years, we have curated a comprehensive catalogue of tools, software, platforms, website building mechanisms, and other invaluable solutions that prove instrumental when constructing an e-commerce store. Our dedicated team consistently tests these tools every month to ensure they are high performing and meet our readers’ needs.

The superior among these tools are those with whom we decide to form a partnership.

Through this model, we are able to offer you recommendations that are backed by authentic usage data, having been meticulously tested by our team of writers and editors. This ensures you derive the maximum benefit from our endorsements while being assured of their credibility.


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