Why should I choose a perfect theme for Shopify store?

If you’re building an e-commerce store on Shopify or you’re upgrading an existing store, you need to know how to choose the theme for the Shopify store that’s right for your business. If you want to make your Shopify store attractive, it looks unique. With the help of numerous themes, you can manage the look and feel of your site. One of the specific reasons many e-commerce store owners prefer Shopify is the flexibility offered through the Shopify theme. With thousands of paid and free themes available, you can create a unique e-commerce store that provides your customers with a positive user experience (UX). This article summarizes what you require to consider when choosing a Shopify theme.

What is Shopify Theme?

Before you proceed, you should briefly understand the Shopify theme. A Shopify theme, also known as a Shopify website template, is a predesigned template that shows what your online store will look like when it’s finally applied. In such cases, the phrase “where itching is, where it can reach” is the most appropriate. Shopify users can use themes to differentiate themselves from other users because of their rich options.

Why should you choose a perfect theme for Shopify?

First, you need to understand why it’s important to spend enough time and effort choosing a Shopify theme. There are three reasons.The theme you choose will symbolize your brand and evoke specific emotions that customers will associate with your brand in the future.As mentioned above, people tend to trust websites they think are aesthetically preferred.

If visitors feel they can trust your brand, they’ll be more likely to purchase from your shop, increasing conversion rates, and sales. Here are some important things while choosing a theme for your store:

Shopify theme selection
Shopify Theme selection

Determine the UX of a website

The theme is a very important element in the shop’s design as it determines the UX of the website. It is because themes determine the essential elements of an e-commerce store, such as navigation, layout, color scheme, and aesthetics.

Themes determine the experience that customers have when navigating the store, consuming content, and searching for products. If the experience is positive, you are more likely to be a repeat customer. On the other hand, negative experiences lead to high bounce rates.

Preview theme before finalizing

Now there are many platforms separate from Shopify. Before you choose, check out how it looks, how it works, all the features it contains, and more of its demos.

Shopify theme allows you to preview your store theme before choosing it. They are often free trials so that you can study that subject well. Do not hesitate to test the themes before applying them to your online store.

Mobile Responsive

Over the past six months, more than 79% of mobile users shop online on mobile. It means that mobile users are changing the game of e-commerce sales over desktop users.

If your website isn’t optimized for mobile devices, you’ll need to be ready to say goodbye to many buyers. For mobile users, no matter how attractive your website is on your desktop, it doesn’t make sense if it doesn’t work smoothly on your mobile. Therefore, make sure that the chosen theme for your store is responsive to various digital devices.

Catalog size and product image

Before you select a Shopify theme, you must verify the size of the product catalog. You can filter the theme search by catalog size priority. If you have a business related to men’s and women’s apparel and fashion accessories, you need a theme with a large catalog size. The online fashion store features a wide range of products under different categories. Therefore, many product pages are required. On the other hand, few e-commerce platforms sell a limited number of products. You can choose the Shopify theme that is smaller in catalog size.

Difference between free and paid

As you all know, this will be the very first important step to check before choosing any theme for your store. But frankly, paid themes have more features than free ones.

Paid themes offer more support even if you don’t have the resources to buy a paid theme, no problem. After choosing a free theme and earning more sales, try a paid theme that matches your business.

Paid Shopify Theme

Paid themes include pre-built templates like premium themes purchased in the Shopify theme store and custom themes specifically created for your shop.

Multiple paid themes are developed and sponsored by On Shopify Theme Store, you can find a variety of premium themes that can download for $100-USD 280. These themes generally offer more features and features than free themes, and you can preview multiple premium themes before deciding to purchase.

A simple checkout processes

The e-commerce theme you choose must have a seamless and robust checkout process. Many e-commerce-platforms lose buyers as they do not provide a simple checkout process to buyers. The checkout process should be minimal. If you make a long process to checkout, your online store will start losing buyers. A secure payment gateway is also essential for a seamless checkout. The Shopify item must include provisioning to integrate multiple secure payment gateways.


First, when evaluating your theme, don’t let your personal likes and dislikes blunt your judgment. Stop thinking about what you think about it and start analyzing whether it’s suitable to promote your brand.

Don’t think about whether you like the theme or not. Rather, determine whether it fits your brand or whether it is attractive to your customers. You may like high-tech, flashy themes, but what do your customers think?

Customers don’t get the real feel of the product, so they have to rely on visuals to experience something. In other words, it is necessary to manipulate the force of the image. You’ll need to see high-resolution photos of Flagman products and run a video promotion campaign.

Supported by Theme Builder

During the theme production process, you may need to change certain settings, add tools, or integrate other components.

Since building a store is complicated, it is quite important to have quick and effective support from the developers who developed the theme.

Using one of the Shopify themes will allow you to get support from the Shopify support team. If you are a third-party developer, the assistance you get depends on the service. Therefore, first, you need to read their experiences and reviews to see if you should choose the services they offer


Top Shopify Themes

You can find a suitable Shopify theme for your niche and catalog. For more information, check out the Review section on the page. Shopify is well-versed in the use of proposals and customer feedback for each topic. You can also try out your favorite themes in View Demo Store.


If your online store sells products that come in many different colors, the boost theme may be perfect for you. It provides display swatches on all pages of your product and collection. You can also place promotions on your main menu to provide your customers with live search results and internal links. Boost also provides image hot spot links. You can create link labels that tag images to direct more targeted traffic to your products.

Boost Shopify Theme preview


The Pacific is ideal for large stores, as it allows you to set up Shopify themes easily, is mobile friendly, and can customize eye-catching themes. It is designed for large businesses that can benefit from the site-wide promotional tiles, multiple product page layouts, multi-column menus, and more.

Some of the best features that can drive your conversions include dynamic checkout buttons, integration of Instagram feeds, contact forms, pre-added color palettes with a clean layout, and integration of social media icons.

Pacific Theme Preview


If you’re selling high-end products, check out the prestige theme. You can apply editorial and visual content to sell niche products such as fashion, accessories, health, beauty, business equipment, and consumables.

The prestige theme offers three styles to highlight the product and customize the look of your store: Allure style, Couture style, and Vogue style. Key features include image hotspot links, high-resolution images, and a home page menu list that facilitates navigation.

The prestige is very SEO-friendly. You can easily add metadata and statements to enhance your store’s SEO.


Mysterio theme for Shopify is a powerful and flexible solution that can build leading online stores for fashion and beauty. It is one of the themes of Shopify that is advanced yet affordable from Zemez. This theme is designed with the trend of e-commerce in mind, not just for the customer. In addition, the solution is fully compatible with the latest version of Shopify, Online Store 2.0. With so many new and improved features, this update simplifies e-commerce. Both traders and designers can benefit from it.

Mysterio Theme Preview


The theme of Brooklyn Shopify offers two different styles. The first one, called Classic, is perfect for any type of modern apparel shop or clothing retailer. The playful style provides a more niche version of the theme with bright colors that will look great for bakers and children’s clothing shops.

The Headless Ride Show is one of the best features since it can introduce multiple products towards the top of your homepage. The dynamic product grid also provides a gallery of the most popular products. The sliding cart improves the shopping experience for a variety of reasons. First, you don’t have to click many times to reach the shopping cart.

Brooklyn Theme Preview


Wokiee is a Shopify theme that is overwhelmingly purchased on Themeforest. Whether you’re looking for clothes, electronics, food delivery, plants, beer, or yoga gear, this premium Shopify theme is a one-click, eye-popping template that you can use to take advantage of your brand image. You have multiple options to show your product in one photo, in a product section in a different view, to showcase your items, and to encourage users to buy more.

Wokiee Theme preview
Wokiee Theme preview

Closing Words: Theme for Shopify store

Finally, a competitive Shopify theme needs to be designed to grow with your site. No one wants their business to grow. So make sure your Shopify theme has the ability to grow with you. This makes it easy for you to offer new products. Or add more sections without performing a major redesign. Due to the convenience offered by the Shopify theme, you will have more time to spend designing new products. It makes it easy to expand your product range. It will save you the trouble of growing your business.

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