Top 5 Best Shopify Affiliate Apps to Boost your Sales


In the digital era, the online marketplace has seen significant growth and e-commerce has come to the forefront as a dominant force in retail. Traditional brick-and-mortar stores are being complemented, and in some cases replaced, by online shops that offer convenience, accessibility, and a vast array of products right at your fingertips.

One particular platform that has become a powerhouse in the e-commerce industry is Shopify. As a top-rated e-commerce platform, Shopify allows businesses of all sizes to set up their online stores and sell products in a user-friendly environment. With its robust features and wide range of apps, Shopify has become a go-to solution for many online businesses.

Amidst the various opportunities provided by Shopify, one that stands out is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a lucrative way for businesses to increase their reach and for individuals to earn passive income. This involves promoting a product or service and earning a commission on any sales made through your referral link.

The Shopify Affiliate Program is a perfect blend of e-commerce and affiliate marketing. This program allows you to earn money by promoting Shopify and its products. Whether you’re a Shopify store owner looking to boost your sales, or an individual seeking to make passive income, understanding and utilizing the Shopify Affiliate Program can be a game-changer.

In the following sections, we will delve deeper into the world of Best Shopify Affiliate Apps Programs, explore the best apps you can use, and guide you on how to earn passive income through these platforms.

best shopify affiliate apps

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Benefits of Shopify Affiliate Apps

Shopify affiliate apps offer numerous benefits to help boost your online business’s growth and profitability:

  1. Increase Traffic and Sales: By allowing affiliates to promote your products, you can attract more visitors to your site and potentially increase sales. Affiliates have their unique audiences, which means your products are exposed to a broader range of potential customers.

  2. Cost-Effective Marketing: With affiliate marketing, you only pay when a sale is made. This makes it a very cost-effective marketing strategy compared to traditional advertising methods where you pay for exposure without any guarantee of sales.

  3. Enhanced Tracking and Management: Shopify affiliate apps provide robust tools for tracking and managing your affiliates. You can easily monitor your affiliates’ performance, manage payouts, and optimize your affiliate program.

  4. Flexible Commission Structures: These apps often offer flexible commission structures, allowing you to incentivize your affiliates in a way that best suits your business model.

  5. Easy Integration: Shopify affiliate apps are designed to integrate smoothly with your Shopify store, making it easy to set up and run your affiliate program.

By leveraging these benefits, Shopify affiliate apps can play a crucial role in driving your e-commerce business’s success.

Comparing the Best Shopify Affiliate Apps

NameVendorPriceRatingsKey Features
UpPromote: Affiliate & ReferralSecomapp
  • Grow Affiliate: $29.99/mo
  • Professional: $89.99/mo
  • Enterprise: $199.99/mo
4.8 ⭐
  • Pay to affiliates easily using PayPal, store credit or manually.
Refersion: Affiliate MarketingRefersion, Inc
  • Professional: $119/mo
  • Business: $299/mo
  • Enterprise: $599/mo
4.5 ⭐
  • Affiliate Management
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Automated Commissions
  • Customizable Affiliate Registration
GoAffpro – Affiliate MarketingGoAffpro
  • Premium: $24/mo
4.9 ⭐
  • The premium plan can be costly for some.
Post Affiliate ProQualityUnit
  • Pro: $129/mo
  • Ultimate: $249/mo
  • Network: $599/mo
  • Recognized for its advanced tracking, comprehensive reporting, and customization options.
LeadDyno Affiliate MarketingLeadDyno
  • Starter: $49/mo
  • Plus: $129/mo
  • Pro: $349/mo
  • Premium: $749/mo
  • Easy CRM integration.
  • Multi-level marketing.

Top 5 Shopify Affiliate Apps for Earning Passive Income

UpPromote Affiliate & Referral

best shopify affiliate apps

Overview and Features

UpPromote Affiliate & Referral is a comprehensive affiliate marketing tool that smoothly integrates with Shopify. The app is designed to facilitate the creation and management of your own affiliate network through the following key features:

  • Advanced Tracking: UpPromote uses state-of-the-art tracking methods to accurately capture affiliate-referred traffic and conversions, ensuring proper crediting of referrals.
  • Customizable Commission Rules: The app allows you to set up custom commission structures, offering various options such as fixed-rate, percentage-based, or tiered commissions.
  • Promotional Assets: UpPromote provides a variety of promotional materials to help your affiliates effectively market your products.
  • Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Structure: The app lets you set up MLM structures, incentivizing your affiliates to recruit more sub-affiliates.

How it Helps in Boosting Sales:

UpPromote’s MLM feature and customizable commission rules can incentivize your affiliates and sub-affiliates to increase your store’s visibility and sales.

User Reviews and Ratings

UpPromote Affiliate & Referral is praised for its robust functionality, user-friendly interface, responsive support, customizable rules, and MLM feature on the Shopify app store.


  • Comprehensive and user-friendly: UpPromote provides a variety of robust features in an easy-to-use interface.
  • Customizable commissions and MLM feature: The app offers flexible commission rules and the ability to set up multi-level marketing structures.


  • Pricing: The cost may be higher than some other affiliate apps, particularly for small businesses or startups.
  • Complexity for beginners: With its wide range of features, new users may initially find the app complex.
  • Limited customizability: The customization options might not meet the needs of all users.

Refersion: Affiliate Marketing

best shopify affiliate apps

Overview and Features

Refersion is a powerful Shopify affiliate app designed to manage, track, and grow your affiliate network. It simplifies the process of setting up an affiliate program, making it a perfect choice for businesses of all sizes.

Key features of Refersion include:

  • Affiliate Management: Refersion allows you to easily manage and track your affiliates and their performance.
  • Conversion Tracking: Refersion uses advanced technology to track conversions accurately, ensuring that your affiliates are paid correctly for their referrals.
  • Automated Commissions: You can set up automatic commission payments to your affiliates, saving you time and effort.
  • Customizable Affiliate Registration: You can customize your affiliate registration page to match your brand’s look and feel.

How it Helps in Boosting Sales:

Refersion offers robust tools for tracking affiliate performance and managing payouts, which can increase your store’s visibility, drive more traffic, and ultimately boost sales. -User Reviews and Ratings

User Reviews and Ratings

Refersion, praised for its robust features, ease of use, and excellent support, maintains an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 on the Shopify app store.


  • Professional: $119/mo
  • Business: $299/mo
  • Enterprise: $599/mo


  • Robust tracking capabilities.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Offers a variety of affiliate management tools.


  • Some users may find the pricing a bit high.
  • The interface might be complex for beginners.

GoAffPro: Affiliate and Influencer Marketing

best shopify affiliate apps

Overview and Features

GoAffPro is a comprehensive affiliate and influencer marketing app that integrates seamlessly with Shopify. It provides an extensive array of features that make managing your affiliate program a breeze.

Key features of GoAffPro include:

  • Multi-Level Marketing: GoAffPro supports multi-level marketing, allowing your affiliates to recruit sub-affiliates and earn a commission on their sales.
  • Custom Commission: The app allows you to set custom commission rates for different affiliates, products, and collections.
  • Affiliate Portal: GoAffPro provides a dedicated portal for your affiliates, where they can track their performance, generate referral links, and access promotional material.
  • Auto Email Notifications: The app sends automatic email notifications for various events such as affiliate approval, new order, etc.

How it Helps in Boosting Sales:

GoAffPro allows you to partner with influencers and affiliates who can promote your products to their followers, leading to increased visibility and potentially higher sales. -User Reviews and Ratings

User Reviews and Ratings

With an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 on the Shopify app store, GoAffPro is praised for its ease of use, functionality, affordability, and responsive support.


  • Premium: $24/mo


  • Advanced features like multi-level marketing and custom commission structures.
  • User-friendly interface.


  • Some features are only available in the paid plans.
  • User support could be improved.

Post Affiliate Pro

best shopify affiliate apps

Overview and Features

Post Affiliate Pro is a robust affiliate marketing software that integrates with Shopify to help businesses manage their affiliate programs. It’s recognized for its advanced tracking, comprehensive reporting, and customization options.

Key features of Post Affiliate Pro include:

  • Advanced Tracking: Post Affiliate Pro uses a combination of cookies and IP tracking to ensure accurate tracking of all affiliate-referred visits and conversions.
  • Custom Commission Structures: The software allows you to set up custom commission structures, including performance-based commissions, lifetime commissions, and recurring commissions.
  • Affiliate Management: Post Affiliate Pro provides a platform to manage your affiliates, track their performance, and communicate with them.
  • Detailed Reporting: The software provides detailed reports and insights about your affiliate program, helping you make informed decisions.

How it Helps in Boosting Sales:

Post Affiliate Pro offers advanced tracking and commission settings, which can motivate your affiliates to drive more sales.

User Reviews and Ratings

Post Affiliate Pro holds a 4.7 out of 5 rating on the Shopify app store, praised for its advanced tracking, comprehensive reporting, customization options, and responsive support.


  • Pro: $129/mo
  • Ultimate: $249/mo
  • Network: $599/mo


  • Advanced tracking and detailed reporting.
  • Offers a range of promotional materials.


  • Higher learning curve due to advanced features.
  • More expensive compared to other options.

LeadDyno: Easy Affiliate Marketing

best shopify affiliate apps

Overview and Features

LeadDyno is a user-friendly Shopify affiliate app that simplifies the process of setting up and managing an affiliate program. Known for its ease of use, LeadDyno is perfect for businesses that are new to affiliate marketing.

Key features of LeadDyno include:

  • One-Click Affiliate Recruitment: LeadDyno allows you to recruit affiliates directly from your website with just one click.
  • Affiliate Dashboard: Affiliates have access to a personalized dashboard where they can track their performance, access promotional materials, and see their referral traffic and commissions.
  • Email Marketing: LeadDyno provides pre-written email templates that can be customized and sent to affiliates for engagement and updates.
  • Social Media Sharing: The app makes it easy for affiliates to share their referral links on social media, thus increasing your reach.

How it Helps in Boosting Sales:

LeadDyno’s tracking and reporting features can help you optimize your affiliate program, drive more traffic to your store, and increase sales. -User Reviews and Ratings

User Reviews and Ratings

LeadDyno, appreciated for its simplicity, effectiveness, and outstanding service, holds a rating of 4.6 out of 5 on the Shopify app store, with users praising its detailed analytics.


  • Starter: $49/mo
  • Plus: $129/mo
  • Pro: $349/mo
  • Premium: $749/mo


  • Simplifies affiliate marketing with an easy-to-use interface.
  • Offers automated email marketing.


  • Some users have reported issues with tracking.
  • No free plan available.

How to Choose the Best Shopify Affiliate App

Choosing the best Shopify affiliate app for your business can be crucial in maximizing your affiliate program’s success and your passive income potential. Here are some important factors to consider:


The first thing to look at is the app’s features. What kind of tracking does it offer? Can it manage multiple affiliates? Does it provide customizable commission structures? The best app for you will depend on the specific needs of your business and your affiliate program.

Ease of Use

Ease of use is another critical factor. The app should be intuitive and straightforward to navigate, both for you and your affiliates. Look for an app that simplifies the process of setting up an affiliate program and makes it easy for your affiliates to track their performance and commissions.


Affiliate apps come at various price points, so you’ll need to consider your budget. Some apps offer a free plan or a free trial, which can be a great way to test out the app before committing to a paid plan. Keep in mind, though, that the cheapest app may not always be the best choice, as it might lack essential features or support.

Customer Support

Good customer support can make a significant difference, especially if you’re new to affiliate marketing or encounter any issues. Look for an app that offers responsive, helpful customer support.

User Reviews and Ratings

Finally, consider user reviews and ratings. These can provide valuable insights into the app’s reliability, functionality, and customer service. They can also give you a sense of how well the app is likely to work for your business.

By considering these factors, you can choose the best Shopify affiliate app that meets your needs and helps you maximize your passive income potential.


Affiliate marketing is a proven way to generate passive income, and the Shopify platform offers several robust apps to help you manage your affiliate program efficiently. We’ve discussed the top 5 Shopify affiliate apps: Refersion, GoAffPro, LeadDyno, Post Affiliate Pro, and Affiliatly. Each of these apps offers unique features and capabilities, making them suitable for different businesses and affiliate marketing strategies.

Refersion stands out for its strong affiliate management and conversion tracking features. GoAffPro shines with its multi-level marketing capabilities and custom commission structures. LeadDyno simplifies affiliate marketing with its easy-to-use interface and automated email marketing. Post Affiliate Pro impresses with its advanced tracking and detailed reporting. Finally, Affiliatly offers a straightforward and flexible solution with its accurate tracking and customizable commission types.

Choosing the right app depends on your specific needs, budget, and the nature of your affiliate program. We encourage you to explore these top Shopify affiliate apps, understand their features, and select the one that aligns best with your business goals. By doing so, you can effectively leverage affiliate marketing to grow your business and start earning passive income.


What is the best affiliate app for Shopify?

The best app can vary based on your needs and budget. Top-rated apps include Refersion, GoAffPro, LeadDyno, Post Affiliate Pro, and Affiliatly.

Can you do affiliate marketing with Shopify?

Yes, Shopify integrates with various affiliate marketing apps, allowing you to set up and manage an affiliate program for your store.

Is Shopify's affiliate program worth it?

Yes, if you can refer a substantial number of new users. Affiliates earn on average $58 per user signing up for a paid plan via your referral link, and up to $2000 for each Plus referral.

Is Shopify affiliate marketing free?

Joining the Shopify affiliate program is free. However, some Shopify affiliate apps may require a paid subscription.

Who are Shopify affiliates?

Shopify affiliates are individuals or businesses that promote Shopify in exchange for a commission on the sales or subscriptions they refer.

Can I sell directly on Shopify?

Yes, Shopify is a complete e-commerce platform allowing you to set up an online store to sell your goods.


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